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  • 12th August
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lsaxons replied to your post: The mango tag has everything in it except…

I think there is a clothing brand called Mango. IDK about the rest though. STILL I agree, there should be actual mangos!

 angryscientist replied to your postThe mango tag has everything in it except…

Mango is a fashion brand like H&M.

Oooh, thanks for letting me know. I had no idea. That explains all the polyvore and fashion models. I’m still lost as to what One Direction has to do with mangoes. 

The mangoes tag is a bit better but not by much. There is some weird hand-drawn comic strip in there and of course, more One Direction stuff. 

  1. alphabetizingsins said: Yeah I was gonna say check the mangoes tag *g*
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