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Reblog if you trust Guillermo Del Toro with Pacific Rim more than you trust Joss Whedon with Age of Ultron

I trust Guillermo Del Toro with Pacific Rim more than I trust Joss Whedon with a used car commercial.

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The Love Song of Joss Whedon


Let us see then, you and I
The silver screen spread like a grey sky
A blank canvas sloppy on the table
Let us see through a cyclopsed camera lense
The waiting cishet dude-bro mens
Of nerdfaced self inserts in his pulp fiction
And the pompous grandiose charmed one-lined diction
Scripts that follow like a tedious arrangement
Of predictable intent
To lead us to an overwhelming question.
Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
Let us go and make our visit.

On the screen the women come and go
He says he’s feminist, you know

The ne’er-do-well cads surround their heroine
The girls who postcard as his Strong Woman figurine
Slur-licked words in the margins of the script
Lingering lies for his puppeteering pantomime
Written by the book, got awards to prove it
And seeing that it’s just another show, another deal
Let’s just call it done, he’s the one, the real Big Shit

And indeed there will be time
For his yea-sayers to be so inclined to change their minds
Betrayed once, betrayed twice, Et tu Brute again
There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face for his audience that he’ll find
There will be time to murder and create,
And time for all the works and plays of hands
That lift and drop a question on your plate
Time for you and time for him
And time yet for a hundred decisions
And for a hundred visions and revisions
Yet always one that keeps the mewling quim.

On the screen the women come and go
He says he’s feminist, you know.

And indeed there will be time
To wonder does he dare does he really dare
On the backs of women ascend his star-studded stair
A grey fedora resting on his balding hair
(they will say, how does he do it to them
to preserve his fantasies like it says on the tin)
He forgot Hill, forgot Wanda, and forgot River Tam
But he’ll call action! and just not give a damn.

Does he dare
Preserve the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which nothing will reverse

For I have known him already, known him well
Have known his Starks, Xanders, and Lokis
He has measured his life in oki-dokeys
Listen to the voices dying with a dying call
Beneath the fridge within his own room
but he’s a feminist right? how dare we presume.

he grows bold, he grows bold
swallowed hook, line, and sinker sold.

See how he struts like Stark? Action here, fist there, c’mon bros
Look at him build the gate, standing watch at the close
Whedon, Whedon where does your garden grow?

I have heard him waxing long beyond the grave
Of ladies’ will and bodies too, autonomy forgot
White nerds, they’re heroes too we must forget them not

Listen to his bloody siren call wailing from the sea
By languid lagoons sour with forgotten girls
Shiny, pretty toys for him to dance and twirl.

On the screen the women come and go.
He says he’s feminist, you know.

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Is there any proof of the Charisma Carpenter fired for being pregnant thing? Because I’ve scoured the internet for it and can’t find any direct quotes from her or Whedon and I mostly just find message boards and sketchy celeb gossip websites that post it. Does anyone know the source of the story? Or know where to find evidence that isn’t people slinging the accusation around on tumblr? People say she’s said it but I can’t find her saying it?

Seriously? She has talked about it openly. The source is Charisma herself (last two links are her saying it with her own words and voice). [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] (She also talks about how difficult her pregnancy was since she had miscarried before on her blog Co-Parenting in Hollywood) 

Whedon’s story has changed over the years and I don’t have links to that but again, I think it’s easily found if you know what to google. One of his big reasons, according to him was that there was no more story for Cordelia. He’s also said it’s because Charisma didn’t want to work anymore (which she denies and she also made a movie (See Jane Date) right after her pregnancy so that blows that out of the water). I think there is even an interview where he said she was hard to work with ( downtoolong do you have that one) which is suspect to me too considering all the other showrunners she has worked with have praised her and Stallone re-wrote Expendables 2 to give her some scenes in it. 

His tune changes, hers stays the same. 

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hey, you mentioned something about rape being quite a common plot device in buffy and I wondered what you meant by that? I can't remember any rape-type stuff besides the one in seeing red.

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This is gonna be long so I’ll put it under a cut.

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Good post. Just wanted to point out a couple other sketchy situations on the show that you missed and comment a little.

Firstly regarding Gone and such a situation not being played for laughs in reverse, I’d have to disagree. In Wrecked, Buffy makes it clear she is leaving and wants no part of it when Spike pulls her down into his lap and sticks his hand up her skirt. It’s not played for laughs, per se, but like Gone, it’s not portrayed as something bad, either. To quote Marti: “Hotter than a microwave. Goddamn.”

Another instance that is played for laughs is the episode ‘Him’ where the girls are ensorceled and Buffy nearly sleeps with RJ while under the spell. Granted, RJ didn’t know the jacket was magic, but it’s still playing fast and loose with consent for kicks.

What really bothers me about most of the storylines you mentioned? Only 2 are actually called out for what they are. The Trio and Seeing Red. The rest are played for laughs or not really addressed at all.

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